How do you get dofollow links from hubpages

Hubpages  has become one greatest place for writing and making money in internet.People are making thousands of dollars each month writing for hubpages.But there are people who write for hubpages just for getting a dofollow link for their blogs.All external links in hubs pointing to other websites are made nofollow by default.But you might have noticed several people having dofollow links in hubpages even for external links in their hubs.

How do you get dofollow links from hubpages?

The links in hubpages are made dofollow or nofollow based on the hubber’s score.If your profile score is more than 75 and your individual hup page score is more than 40 then you will have dofollow links.If your hubpages profile score is less than 75 you dont get dofollow links.

hubpages dofollow link How do you get dofollow links from hubpages

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